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About us

The company has been in existence for the last 25 years owned and operated  by the same family. We are a manufacturer and exporter of plastic products throughout the world covering the USA, Australia, Africa and all over the Asian countries.

Our primary product successfully marketed and in great demand are the commercial ice boxes/coolers which are polyethylene based, food grade, and insulated with polyurethane foam injection throughout. It would take a block of ice keeping the inside cold for at least the next ten days. The handles and super hinges meet the latest market standards.

Ocean Plastic ice boxes take intensive manpower to produce, offering a product that meets the highest quality and yet at  a price that is most affordable. Ocean Plastic iceboxes will meet your needs for years to come giving your money's worth.

Ocean Plastic iceboxes come in different colors and sizes. The icebox is equipped with a drainage outlet closed to the base for ease with cleaning. Overall, Ocean Plastic iceboxes meet all industry standards, and surely meet your expectations as well. Ocean Plastic iceboxes for quality and affordability.


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